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Intensive Learning Program — 0.5 month HSK 1 & 1 month HSK 2

This course is for our hardcore students who can commit to our Mandarin education bootcamp full time. In the past, our most disciplined students taking this course can start from HSK 1 and achieve HSK 5 level of Mandarin education in 8 months.

To join in the intersive learning program, students have to commit 2 hours to join our classes every six days during a week, and commit another 2 hours to study after the class everyday. We require our students to preview and review what is taught. Only students take commited effort, we will let them join our intensive learning program. The number of students is strictly controlled under 15 people in every class. The plan is to help the students to pass HSK 1 within half a month and HSK 2 within a month. It’s 15000 rupees for HSK 1 program, and another 15000 rupees for HSK 2 program.

This is probably the most efficient way for people who want to learn Chinese fast and well. However this person has to be very disciplined


Building blocks
Through our “Building blocks” method of teaching, students easily pick up Chinese starting with foundational exercises that gradually build up in difficulty.

5 Layers of Visualization
Our “5 Layers of Visualization” technique helps students visualize new words in phrases in layered exercises to guarantee memorization.

Speed repetition
We’ve designed a technique called “Speed Repetition” to quickly increase the reading speed of our students through carefully constructed methods of repetition.

If you are a hardcore learner, join us and you will make a difference rapidly