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Basic Chinese Course

Basic Chinese Course

Original price 12,000 24 hrs

Special Price for every new student8,888 24 hrs before September, 2019

Start your first Chinese Course with Native Chinese Teachers

Wanna learn Chinese with fun? Still don’t know where to find native Chinese teachers? Panda Chinese is coming to India to give you the most authentic Chinese classes with amazing cultural immersion. You will start your first session class with Pinyin, Chinese tones, basic grammar, characters and culture (e.g how to use chopsticks, how to do Chinese dance, etc.), which will help you to lay the foundation for further study. Every student have to go through this basic Chinese course before taking Business Chinese, Colloquial Chinese or Certificate Chinese course.

If you want to get personal one to one VIP Chinese class, please contact us, we will have customized Chinese class based on your Chinese level.

Gift Package

First 10 students who sign up will get a gift package of 2888

First 20 to 30 students will get a gift package of 1888

First 30 to 50 students will get a gift package of 888

Only applicable if sign up before August 15th


The most authentic and fun Chinese class in India

Share poster above on your facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tiktok, etc. You can get 500 rupees coupon to reduce your fee for your first session of Chinese class.

Group Discount

2 people in a group sign together get 6% discount

3 people in a group sign together get 12% discount

Only applicable if sign up before August 15th


If you refer one new student, you will get 300 rupees bonus at the end of study session, (the one who sign up with you together is not included,because you already have group discount of 6 or 12%.) It’s 600 rupees for 2 referrals, 900 rupees rupee for 3 referrals.

Attendance Scholarship

Students who have full attendance will receive 1000 rupees at the end of the study session.

We Give the Most Affordable Price

The lowest price you could get to start a Chinese class session in market is 12,000 rupees. With our special offer this time, you only have to pay 8,888 rupees at your first session.

If you have three people come together, you pay 8,888 *0.88=7821 rupees,

If you shared the ad on all your social media, your expense would be 7821 – 500 =7321 rupees

If you don’t miss any classes, you will win a full attendance scholarship of 1000 rupees. Your real expense is 7321 -1000 =6321 rupees

If you refer other 5 students, you will get 1500 back at the end of the semester

so your expense is only 6321 – 1500 = 4821 rupees

If you are within the first 10 registered students, we have a gift package that worth 2888, so your total cost spent on the basic session is 4821 -2888 =1933 rupees!

the lowest price in the market for a session of Chinese courses that helps you gain numerous potential opportunities in future career.

Our Teaching Support

MandarinPro is a leading school in Beijing for professionals pursuing Mandarin education. Their instructors consist of experts from top institutions of Mandarin education, with experience ranging from teaching intensive programs to academic research in Chinese language. MandarinPro designed and optimized their own methods of teaching Mandarin from years of academic research and experience. Their courses are designed from scratch and have been battle tested to quickly improve Mandarin language skills of all students starting from any level. Their clients in Beijing are mostly ambassadors and diplomatists in Beijing from foreign countries, along with Fortune 500 companies in China. Now MandarinPro is working with Panda Chinese, to bring their expertise to India.

Clients of MandarinPro in Beijing

How to register? Please Click The Link Below!


Mummy Told Me Hard Work Will Make A Difference!

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