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Corporate Chinese Course

Corporate Chinese Course

Corporations can no longer ignore Asia in their future plans. Combining the vast markets and business ecosystems of India and China gives organizations a boost in the competitive market to stay ahead.

As more Chinese Companies coming to India, and more Indian companies doing business with Chinese, Chinese language is becoming more and more essential for indians who want to smoothen their communication with Chinese.

We provide tailored programs for both Chinese and Indian companies to train their Indian employees with Mandarin skills.The focus is on quickly gaining practical real-world skills and actionable results.  Our team will communicate with students to tailor the course on their daily communication and proindustry-specific knowledge. The courses are carried out in the premises of the company based on employees’ convenience.

Our course session is 24 hours in total for level one, with 2 hours each time. Contact us or leave a message for inquring the price.