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In Western countries, the rich families like to compare how well their kids speak mandarin. Donald Trump’s granddaughter – Arabella was required by her mother Ivanka Trump to learn Mandarin when she was only 18 months old. Now she is only 5 years old but now she can speak fluent Chinese. Ivanka has a Chinese Nanny at home to make the studying environment better.

Ivanka Trump and her daughter

The Wallstreet gaint Jim Rogers’s daughter also requires her daughers speak Chinese, and Rogers was so proud of his decisions and think this is one of his best investment ever.

 (pls check the video of her daughters https://sv.baidu.com/videoui/page/videoland?pd=bjh&context={%22nid%22:%2211206620182558599282%22,%22sourceFrom%22:%22bjh%22}&fr=bjhauthor&type=video)

Jim Rogers’s daughters

The CEO of Facebook Zackberg gave his daughter a Chinese name the moment she was born. Zack spends 110,000 to 130,000 USD annually for a Chinese speaking Nanny, with all medical care (dental included) and all the same welfare with employees in Facebook. And the Nanny have 5 days off after 5 working days!

Mark Zuckerberg is Greeting in Chinese on Chinese New Year

Even Little Prince George is learning Chinese, because the school he is attending requires every student to do so!

Our course is a conversation & proficiency oriented Mandarin Chinese course for kids which will upgrade spoken Chinese skills in children. The passionate teachers teach the language utilizing inventive and intriguing procedures.   

This course will help kids with:

  • Early exposure to the most spoken language in the world
  • Studying Mandarin Chinese stimulates different parts of brain
  • Early starters gain benefits from cross functional cognitive development