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Learn Chinese to make business easier

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English has been the undisputed international language for the past centuries, but China’s increasingly inviting economy and explosive economic growth in recent decades has elevated Chinese as a coveted language skill. Businesses looking for opportunities not only in China, but also in neighboring countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc., are now seeking to educate employees in Chinese. The importance of Chinese in business is no longer a prediction; it is a trend. Beijing, China’s capital, now hosts the second largest number of Fortune 500 companies headquarters worldwide. According to a study conducted by Bloomberg, Chinese is the top language for business other than English. The reasons to learn Chinese for business are endless.

The trade between China and India in 2019 has hit more than 100 billion USD in 2018. Over the past 15 years, more than 150 Chinese companies have invested more than $30 billion in India. If your company is going to expand to China or you have a Chinese business partners, we will help you bridge the language and cultural gap with our business Chinese course.

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This Business Chinese Course will help you:

Gain Ability to connect with Chinese clients directly, reduce possible misunderstandings and build strong relationship bonds on a first language basis.
Acquire insight into Chinese culture and values.
Gain strategic position to understand Chinese purchasing behavior.
Strengthen communications with Chinese collaborators or branch offices.
Extra competitive edge to differentiate your company against competitors.

Learn the magic China economic boom in past decades, the new business models, ideas, products that you can apply in in India market.

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