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Jie Chu

Jie Chu graduated from Peking University with Master in Management & Finance, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics with Bachelor in International Business. She also studied in Toulouse Business School, France and Old Dominion University, the U.S. for exchange. Jie is a Level III CFA qualified investment professional.

While at school, Jie was keen at learning different languages and learned French, Japanese, German and Spanish. She is Fluent in Chinese and English, and now trying to learn Hindi. Jie has been in Investment & Immigration business for the last five years. Before that she was in consulting and finance industry. Jie also did freelance translation and interpreter for big Chinese corporates, congressman and governor in U.S., Mayor and government officials in Austin, TX in U.S. etc.

Jie loves different cultures and has traveled worldwide (Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Asia) for business, study and fun. During her stay in India, she realized her Indian friends have problems visiting China because they couldn’t speak the language. She also found a lot of Indians want to learn Chinese but couldn’t find good source. Hence, Jie decided to bring the most authentic Chinese tutoring into India and hopefully could help Indians acquire Chinese with fun and efficiency.

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