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Haifeng Sun

Haifeng Sun, graduated from Peking University with Master of Finance & Bachelor of Arts, is continuous entrepreneur in the field of Fintech. As a co-founder, he participated in the founding of China’s leading auto finance technology company, led hundreds of people to complete more than 4 billion rmb transactions, and obtained joint investment from a number of well-known venture capital institutions and listed companies. Prior to his own business, Sun Haifeng worked for Harvest Fund and was one of the first employees of Harvest Fund’s financial technology platform, Golden Beta (Ant Financial’s Strategic investment).

With abundant business experience in China, Mr. Sun gives lectures to a lot of EMBA and EMBA students in top Chinese Universities. In our Business Chinese courses, Sun will teach students the most practical business culture, business model and cutting edge technology in China, which may lead to potential business corporation between Chinese and Indian companies.

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